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Erin Go Braghless (naughty Erin)

March 18, 2007

She said: It looks.
Don’t you think it looks a lot like rain?

He said: Isn’t it.
Isn’t it just.
Isn’t it just like a woman?

She said: It’s hard.
It’s just hard.
It’s just kind of hard to say.

He said: Isn’t it.
Isn’t it just.
Isn’t it just like a woman?

She said: It goes.
That’s the way it goes.
It goes that way.

He said: Isn’t it.
Isn’t it just like a woman?

She said: It takes.
It takes one.
It takes one two.
It takes one to know one.

He said: Isn’t it just like a woman?

She said.
She said it.
She said it to know.
She said it to no one.

Isn’t it.
Isn’t it just?
Isn’t it just like a woman?

Your eyes.
It’s a day’s work to look in to them.

Your eyes.
It’s a day’s work just to look in to them.

Laurie AndersonIt Tango


So Russ, help me out here. Is this one of those Jeep things? This guy parked like this for a couple of weeks at Store 1, even when there were other open spots.  Honestly, I started looking for squirts of oil in the snow where he was marking his territory. Anyway, I went ahead and memorialized it in pixels 🙂 .

Y’know, I manage to change channels and pick up that damnedest things. Thursday night, I changed the channel to Jimmy Kimmel and picked up a story on 13 year old Andrew Riley who’s facing 128 felony charges. Kimmel called him, “the little thug who could.” How the hell does a 13 year old 7th grader from Nelsonville, Ohio manage to rack up 128 felony counts including burglary, theft, vandalism and witness intimidation?!? And who was this kid raised by? A family of “gospel of prosperity” evangelicals? But I suppose with take-what-you-want-and-screw-anyone-who-gets-in-your-way examples like Enron and Haliburton, I shouldn’t be all that surprised. The kicker to this story was the interview from Headline News with psychaitrist Dr. Carole Lieberman. She said, “If Andrew were to get intensive treatment including psycho-therapy and medication he could be saved, but realistically, I don’t think that will happen. This kid is going to jail… and then he’s going to hell.” Damn! Between that and the Nicole Uribe story…. Pray for our future people, pray for our future.

wwii_flier.jpgSaturday I managed to see Mitch play in a show called “Magic Moments: All This and World War II“. The Magic Moments musical reviews started 23 years ago and has raised money for organizations that provide services to persons with special needs. The casting is open to everyone including people with special needs. (That was for anyone too lazy to click on the link above.) This year they did a 30’s/40’s swing music radio type show. At one point the band left to “join the war effort” and a substitute band of “volunteers” took over.  Let’s just say it was obvious why they hire professional musicians for this show 🙂 . It was a fun show and by the end, a reason to literally stand up and wave a flag. Yeah, everyone *knows* what a big fan of sentimental manipulation I am 🙂 .

Mitch’s folks came out to see the show (and their grandson) so Amanda, Reese, Tall Greg, Mitch, Laura, Mr. and Mrs. Mitch and Manda’s Mom and Dad and I all grabbed lunch before the show at the Pearl Street Grill. It was St. Patties of course, so Reese got a green, plastic bowler hat which everyone got a chance to try on. Hey, did anyone know that Wikki Stix are not only twistable, stickable, buildable, playable, one-of-a-kind creatables; they’re a blast!

dscn1129-sm.jpg dscn1130-sm.jpg dscn1131-sm.jpg

Saturday night I made it to Matt and Pattie’s St. Pattie’s Day celebration. Matt and Pattie are my landlords and great folks. Pattie makes a wicked good bread pudding with whiskey sauce. Their dog Bruno and I are now friends for life 🙂 .

 Anyway, I’ve got to get laundry done and try and clean up around here.  Have a great week and write when you can.

      – G

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  1. Russ K permalink
    March 19, 2007 7:48 am

    It is most certainly a jeep thing or rather a compulsion to drive on things because they’re there. It’s often referred to as the “jeep sickness”.


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