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Tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun

April 12, 2007

Tomorrow, makin’ a list of things to do
And when I wake up, uh uh uh oh
Gonna cross off a few

There must be millions of reasons
To try and explain, you’re never through
When they give you twenty-four hours
Only so much a man can do

Tomorrow, made up my mind
Gonna get busy, come from behind
Today I’m staying right where I am
Break a few rules, make a few plans

There’s thousand of things
To keep you from doing what you wanna do
And if it isn’t this then it’s that
Back where it’s at, and you’re never through

There must be millions of reasons
Thousands of things, just to name a few
I’m gonna spend the rest of today
Makin’ a list of things to do

But I’ll do ’em all tomorrow, uh uh uh oh
Tomorrow, uh uh uh oh
It can wait until tomorrow

Joe WalshTomorrow

How is everyone enjoying the schizophrenic weather global warming is bringing us? I’m given to understand that Denver weather is wacky anyway, but I hear things are running hot and cold all over. Last week it was wonderful on Wednesday when I travelled up to Boulder. Here’s a shot from just past Louisville overlooking the Boulder valley.


Saturday night and most of the day Sunday it snowed. On Saturday night, Amanda invited a group of people up for Easter dinner and we managed to make a good sized dent in the ham. Before dinner though, the Easter Bunny dropped off a marble racetrack for Reece that had some assembly required. I’ve got to say the engineering on this piece was a little more sound than the Hot Wheels Car Wash I mentioned in the Just Being A Person blog. Cooper however, seemed unimpressed 🙂 .

dscn1156-sm.jpg dscn1157-sm.jpg

Speaking of Easter, I heard a hilarious but completely inappropriate Easter joke involving the weather, the Lenten season and Jesus. Since my Mom reads this blog however, you’ll have to write me in order for me to tell you the joke. Obviously you run the risk of having your computer struck by lightning 🙂 . Anyway, after dinner Saturday night, Mitch and I headed up the mountain so we could leave from his place for Loveland on Sunday for some Spring skiing/snowboarding.

I said earlier that it snowed Saturday night and a good chunk of Sunday. This was the scene when we headed out Sunday morning from Mitch’s place:


That white sky in the background is normally mountains. The first thing I realized when I started on Sunday was that I need to get back to the gym! With the schedule changes at work and my starting times being all over the map, I’ve kinda slacked off on going. Apparently that shit’s gotta end pronto. I was telling Mitch about my being out of shape over lunch and I guess he decided the best way to drive the point home to me was to take me up to 12,038 feet and let me snowboard my way down 🙂 . On the upside, I finally made it off the bunny slopes and on to an official green! Once again, remember that whole snowing most of Sunday thing I mentioned? Well, there’s a condition in skiing called “flat light” where it’s difficult to make out the terrain. The falling snow, the white clouds blocking out the sunlight and the lack of contrast in the white snow make it difficult to tell distance and near impossible to see bumps. Such were the conditions above the tree line, at 12,038 feet. Just great. Newbie snowboard guy with no oxygen and no visibility obviously makes for a really amusing time for the seasoned ski guy who lives up at 9,000 feet. Wanker. I did manage to make it down without a “yard sale” and actually in pretty good fashion by the end. Mitch grabbed my camera and snapped these on the way:

dscn1161-sm.jpg dscn1164-sm.jpg

On the way home we stopped again in Idaho Springs for some Beau Jo’s pizza. Nummerdoodles. I considered it my last celebration before getting back to the gym/healthy eating lifestyle. Even though I’m sure there were no carbs or calories in that honey I was forced to drizzle on the pizza crusts after the pizza part was gone. After chowing down at the end of the day, the hot tub beckoned us and it all seemed worth it.


When I went to return the snowboard rental on Monday, in true Colorado fashion, this was the weather picture. Check out the temperature on the sign!


So tonight we’re supposed to get 6″ to 8″ of snow in Denver.  Mostly it’s just cloudy right now. According to the Weather Underground (great name, eh?), tomorrow it’s supposed to be 36 degrees with a 90% chance of precipitation, on Saturday, 52 and sunny and on Sunday, 62 and partly cloudy.

This weekend I’m planning on setting up my office/guest bedroom so I won’t have any fun tales to tell. Waddaya think, should I take pictures of all my exciting filing? Yeah, didn’t think so. You’ll all probably be doing your taxes anyway, so no biggie, right? That “Tomorrow” tune I used to open this installment is dedicated to everyone who has put off doing their taxes until now. Anyway, have a great weekend and write if you’re a heathen and want a good laugh 🙂 .

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