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Million Dollar Idea

May 9, 2007

Father was the dentist cowboy who invented radar
Lassoing a molar, he pulled but it didn’t go far
Detecting the external potions with some spider x-rays
Constructing the internal organs with some vacuum tubes

Uncle was a leper b-boy in the CIA
Brazilian bossa rosa in the stupor of a clown of thorns
His sister suffered soggy syrup crackers with some breakfast tea
Sonata forming minions in the maiden of the microscopes

Grandfather was the dentist cowboy who invented radar
Lassoing a molar, he pulled but it didn’t go far
Detecting the external potions with some spider x-rays
Constructing the internal organs with some vacuum tubes

Mill RaceRiding The Root Canal

Yeah, I know, I know. But I’ve been busy ripping CDs, looking into mortgages, organizing the office/guest bedroom, arranging a trip to Seattle, thinking up million dollar ideas. Here’s my latest: change the iPod’s form factor so that it can be inserted into a drive like a cassette or CD. When I started to describe this to Mitch, he suggested making an MP3 player shaped like a cassette that could be inserted into a cassette player like those cassette adaptors. Just put the player in shuffle, insert into your car’s cassette player and go. Of course, that would be a great idea that might actually sell if you made an infomercial about it, but I’m not interested in actually making a product that works 🙂 .

Here’s what *I* was thinking. If the iPod’s form factor was standardized along with the connector/protocol and these were made “open source”, any number of applications could be made. “iPod Drives” could be made for cars, computers, stereo receivers, Boom Boxes, TVs, in-wall home docks, the new Apple TV box… any number of places. And while I realize that there are cables or adaptors for all of the above applications, a standardized drive would be easier than tracking down an adaptor box/cable for each and every application. There’s the whole easier-for-friends-to-play-their-stuff-on-your-equipment thing. Plus, other products would be developed like removable hard drives in the same form factor and stuff….

car-dock-sm.jpg receiver-dock-sm.jpg

So anyway, last weekend was the Kentucky Derby. Mitch, Laura and I made our way over to Greg McGrew’s place to watch. The day started with a quick check on-line of the odds.  Amanda, highly committed to the day as she was, took our bets and placed them in Las Vegas. Oh she’ll claim she was there on some work related nonsense, but the truth is she is a *HUGH* Derby fan and goes to Vegas every year to place bets for friends. I don’t remember what horses other people picked, but my horse came in 19th out of a field of 20. I had a shot of Laura, who really is a big fan, biting her nails and watching the race about 2 feet from the TV, but it’s not a very good shot and I don’t want my leg broken, so here’s a great picture of Cooper instead:

dscn1180-sm.jpg dscn1181-sm.jpg

Sunday brought a trip to Mitch’s house for a jam session and a bit of grilling. Brit, Gabe and Mitch were putting it together in the studio while the wives and kids watched Fantasia. It ended up snowing up there at 9,000 feet over the weekend, so while people frolicked in the hot tub, Mitch shook his shovel and cursed the sky. Did you know that hot tub water really doesn’t affect the flavor of imitation crab stuffed mushroom caps and that you can put together a makeshift table in about 15 seconds using two saw horses, a piece of plywood, four nails, a bed sheet and an iron candle holder? It’s true.

dscn1192-sm.jpg dscn1191-sm.jpg

There are other stories that have taken place during my hiatus like the office cleanup and the easy button, my return to the gym (OMG, the 5:30 am battle that happens every time), my stunned incredulousness at Tony Snow’s claim on Good Morning America that the Bush administration hasn’t tried to link Iraq with 911 (quote, “there’s been no attempt to try to link Saddam (Hussein) to September 11th” are you fucking kidding me?!? Here’s more. And more. Still more. Whatever.) But nothing all that special. This past week though, I was on my way up the mountains for a walk-through at a client’s place. I snapped a couple of shots on my way up and at their place. Imagine stepping outside to this view every morning.

dscn1194-sm.jpg dscn1196-sm.jpg dscn1197-sm.jpg

I dunno, somewhere along the way I made the wrong choices or luck passed me by or something. Of course if that iPod idea comes through…. Anyway, I take quiet comfort in the knowledge that I have better music in my collection than they do 🙂 .  Next weekend I’m camping with a group of folks at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Hopefully I’ll have time to upload the pictures and write something about it. Talk to you then!

       – G

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Lori permalink
    May 11, 2007 6:44 am

    Awesome idea! I’m tired of dealing with my iPod dock and having different cables for every thing! Better patent it! 🙂


  2. May 10, 2007 12:58 pm

    That’s a great idea (of course). It’s right up there with the dishwasher in the cupboard. Now, that’s a million dollar idea!

  3. DPM permalink
    May 10, 2007 4:39 am

    Yea, that looks just like walking through the wienberg residence……except for the mauntians…amd animals….and fresh air…..and well ok its nothing like that but looks nice.

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