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November 19, 2007

Autumn, the wind blows colder than summer
Autumn, my love’s gone with another
I can’t demand anything of myself now
So I guess I’ll stay here in New England, for Autumn, Autumn

Buildings look tall and grey
Birds flying, haven’t much to say
They all know that it’s coming again
So I guess they’ll stay here in New England, for Autumn, Autumn

Did you ever lose something, that you thought you knew?
Did you ever lose someone, who was close to you?
Well I lost my lover… and my summer too

To Autumn, the wind blows colder than summer
Autumn, my love’s gone with another
I can’t demand anything of myself now
So I guess I’ll stay here in New England, For Autumn, Autumn, Autumn ooh ooh

Edgar Winter GroupAutumn

The YouTube link this time is kind of a lame video, but at least the song is there. 🙂 An excellent song that has no business being smack in the center of a 1972 glam rock album.

The latest casualty to “Go Republican” is the state of Washington’s Republican legislator Richard Curtis. In police reports, Curtis said he was being extorted by a man he had sex with in a Spokane hotel room. The other man contends Curtis reneged on a promise to pay $1,000 for sex. Again, I’m not upset that these people do kinky stuff, whatever it may be, but rather that they are such hypocrites about their sexuality. He voted in 2005 and 2006 against a bill that granted civil rights protections to gays and lesbians, and in 2007 voted against a bill that created domestic partnerships for same-sex couples. Curtis, a former firefighter, declared, “I am not gay.” Dude, you’re a man, the other guy is a man, you two had sex… you’re gay. At the very least you’re bi-sexual. Get over it.

Speaking of being gay, I miss the Gilmore Girls. I know that makes me sound like a total pussy, but the women were hot, the dialog was fast and the jokes were funny. I just erased the last two episodes from my DVR this weekend. Here’s a snippet of dialog from one of them. The setup is that Rory is about to graduate from Yale and her boyfriend is meeting her at her apartment so they can spackle before she moves out. She’s relayed this information in a phone conversation to her mother and is about to hang up:

Lorelai: Oh… well, uh, spackle well or what ever one says to encourage a successful spackle.

Rory: Have a good spackle?

L: Spackle on.

R: Break a spackle?

L: Knock on spackle things work out.

R: Okay, talk to you later.

I miss that show. And Veronica Mars too, although Kristen Bell is on Heroes now. I thought Medium was gone, but apparently it will return in January. And Trollz! They took Trollz off the air and replaced it with Dino Squad! Teenage mutant dinosaurs. That’s just great. On the up side, Pushing Daisies and Life are both excellent shows. At the end of the day, I’m just waiting for the best show in TV to start, Battlestar Galactica. 🙂

Does anyone else out there own a DVR? I’ve come to realize lately that I can almost not abide to watch live TV anymore. OMG the commercials just go on forever! I find myself pausing during the show and doing things just so I can skip the commercials when they come on.

I was struck while watching various political shows how there seems to be a preponderance of “gotcha” questions. The recent question to both Hillary and Obama about Driver’s licenses for illegal aliens is a good example. The question is designed to have the candidates rank priorities, which is a good way to see how they react and think. The down side is that no matter what answer the candidate gives, there’s a “gotcha”. Do you support safety on the highways or do you want to crack down on illegals? Well, John Cole’s Balloon Juice blog had an excellent set of questions for the Republicans in a recent column. They included, “Would you have sex with a man to stop a terrorist attack?” and “If you had a time machine, would you travel back in time and abort Bin Laden?”. Now *THAT’S* a debate I’d pay to see. 🙂

Oh, to further my gay storyline, Mitch and I went to see “Joseph and the Amazing Techincolor Dreamcoat” at the Littleton Town Hall Arts Center. Mitch is going to be the alternate guitarist and we went to see what all he’s going to be doing. All I had was my cell phone camera, so these shots are pretty crappy, but Mr. Cabanski’s brother was there:


That’s him in the orange shirt. And Knox? If you ever wondered what happened to Bill Seneshin, he’s doing community theatre in Littleton:


At least he got the lead. In any case, I’m off to Iowa for Turkey days. I’m sure I’ll have photos and tales of car trips when I get back. Write when you get work.

– G

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