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Re-Humanise Yourself

December 8, 2007

Children on the streets using guns and knives
Taking drugs and each other’s lives
Killing each other using knives and forks
And calling each other names like “dork”

There’s people on the street getting diseases from monkeys
Yeah that’s what I said – they’re getting diseases from monkeys
Now there’s junkies with monkey disease
Why’s this happening, please?
Whose been touching these monkeys?
Leave these poor sick monkeys alone
There sick, they’ve got problems enough as it is

A man is lying on the street, some punk has chopped off his head
And I’m the only one who stops to see if he’s dead, aaoohhh
Turns out he’s dead

That’s why I’m singing
Aaaoooh, what is wrong with the world today?
What’s wrong with the world today, (never said nothing’s wrong with it)
Uooo, what is wrong with the world today?
Think about it, think about it, think, think about it

Good cops get framed and put into a can
And all the money that we’re making is going to the maaan
What man?
Whose the man?
When’s a man a man?
Why’s it so hard to be a man?
Am I a man?
Yes, technically, yes….

Oohh, come on, they’re turning kids into slaves
They’re turning kids into slaves just to make cheaper sneakers
But what’s the real cost?
‘Cause the sneakers don’t seem that much cheaper
Why are we still paying so much for sneakers
When you got little kid slaves making them?
What are your overheads?!?

Well, at the end of your life, you are lucky if you die
Sometimes I wonder why I would even try (Why try)
I saw a man lying on the street half dead
He had knives and forks sticking out of his leg
He said, Ahh ahh ahh ahhhhhhhhoooowww!
Can somebody get the knife and fork out of my leg, please?
Ooh, could somebody please remove these cutleries from my knees?

Yeah yeeeahhh
This is where we break it down
This is where we break it down
We’ll break it down
What are they doing, their breaking it down
What do they do, and now their keeping it funky
Just having a funky jam and then we’re going to drop the beat
And then we’ll bring it back up!!

Wah wah wah waaah!

Then we’ll take it low
Fading out, fading out
We’re talking about the issues, but we’re keeping it funky
We’re fading out, we’re just fading out
Why they getting quiet? they’re just fading out
*monkey noises*
Stop touching that monkey

Flight of the ConchordsThink About It, Think, Think About It

If you haven’t seen Flight of the Conchords on HBO, you’ve really got to check it out if you get a chance. The YouTube link this time is a 7 minute chunk from one of their concerts. Great stuff. For those of you headed to my hometown, I understand Net has access to the first season’s DVDs.

Okay, I’m going to start with a mini rant, but only a small one. I’ve been rather pissy for a while and I’m going to try not to be that way this time out. Tryin’ to catch the holiday spirit doncha know. My mini rant is entitled, “The War On Tolerance”. You can skip the next paragraph if you’d rather not hear me bitch during the holiday season 🙂 . Mom, you should skip the next paragraph because I have a potty mouth.

happyholidays.jpgOne of our Colorado elected officials was on TV this morning complaining yet again about the War On Christmas. I realize this is so “last year’s issue”, but honestly, it made me want to go all Elvis on the TV this morning. Here’s why. The America I was raised in was proud of it’s melting pot heritage. I was raised in the Midwest, so I was raised to be polite and respectful. I might not have always behaved that way (and often don’t now as is evidenced by this rant), but that’s how I was raised. So on comes this guy saying that he’s upset that people are saying “Happy Holidays” for fear of offending people and blah blah “be proud” blah blah “reclaim the season” blah blah “Christianity is the only real religion and everyone else should die”. He might not have said that last bit, but I actually didn’t hear much after the “fear of offending people” bit. My first thought was, “fuck you asshole!” I could care less about offending people. *I* say happy holidays because I’m trying to be inclusive. *I* say happy holidays because I realize not all people believe as I do and I respect that. *I* say happy holidays because I want to build on the belief that even though we have differences, we’re all on this big blue planet together and like it or not we all rise or fall as a species depending on how well we get along. *I* say happy holidays because I often don’t know *what* the person I’m speaking with believes and I respect that too. Since so many religions have winter celebrations of their faith around this time of year, happy holidays seems more appropriate. If you’re too intolerant to accept that, you’re going to have a miserable life, because people like me are going to keep calling you on your intolerance. So instead of living in your own tiny little world with your tiny little god, come join the rest of us who want to celebrate humanity, seek harmony and peace, find joy in knowledge and accept one another’s faults. Let’s try to find ways to bring us all together rather than seeking out ways to tear us apart. That seems like the Christian thing to do. I’ll try and do that as well. Right then, on with it.

deck.jpgRight now I’m watching the snow come down on an unusually grey day here. It’s actually quite nice. Pepper is contentedly sleeping beside me and seems to enjoy having the company on the couch. My place is a wreck and I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet, but it doesn’t seem like a day to worry about it. Here’s the view from the balcony. There’s a quote from Vanessa Williams’ character Wilhelmina Slater that goes, “Snow is a magical blanket. It hides what’s ugly and makes everything beautiful.” I thought that was pretty insightful for a prime time soap opera. Lorelai Gilmore loved the snow too. In the “Love and War and Snow” episode, she said, “When I was five, I had a really bad ear infection and I had been home in bed for a week and I was very sad. So I wished really hard that something wonderful would happen to me, and I woke up the next morning and it had snowed. And I was sure that some fairy godmother had done it just for me. It was my little present.” to which Luke replied, “Your parents never explained the concept of weather to you?”

Anyway, I’ve been both busy and forgetful since I’ve gotten back from Thanksgiving. It wasn’t until this past Wednesday that I realized I’d forgotten Laura’s Happy Hour celebration of completing the data gathering part of her dissertation the previous Friday. And this past Monday when I walked in the door, Tami our receptionist greeted me with, “We missed you at the party this weekend.” I had completely spaced off ListenUp’s holiday party. I guess I’m still getting used to the concept of having a holiday party *before* the Christmas break. How weird is that? Right Jim?

Thanksgiving was relaxing. I went home to Iowa this year rather than down to Austin like I have for as long as I can remember. I did miss out on kittens at the K&J ranch, but it was nice to see the family and all. We drove all night Wednesday in the beat up, 12 year old Rodeo. We made a quick stop for some weatherstripping to try and quiet the incessant wind noise that comes with a vehicle of the vintage that I own. Perhaps one day I’ll make enough money to afford a nicer car. Well anyway, as it turns out the trip that evening was a better choice since this is what greeted me the next morning.


That would’ve made for a pretty miserable travel day I’m guessing. I’m hoping that Christmas travel is problem free as well. Without Laura there constantly asking for Runzas though, it just won’t be the same.

Oh! I almost forgot, there’s been a new addition to the Jervis Mountain Retreat. As Mitch put it, “Enter… Khan!”

chat-du-mont-1.jpg day-2.jpg

 Khan has a bit of an eye infection right now, but is about the cutest thing ever. And oh so helpful when working on Filemaker database programming. Mitch has a good shot of this actually happening, but I don’t happen to have access to it right now. Maybe next time.

Hopefully things will slow down after the holidays, the days will get longer and I’ll start remembering things better. Until then I wish you all:

Happy Holidays.

         – G

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