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Golden Ticket

March 29, 2008

These shoes have walked some strange streets
Stranger still to come —
Sometimes the prayers of strangers
Are all that keeps them from
Trying to stay static
Something even death can’t do
Everything is motion —
To the motion be true

In this cold commodity culture
Where you lay your money down
It’s hard to even notice
That all this earth is hallowed ground —
Harder still to feel it
Basic as a breath —
Love is stronger than darkness
Love is stronger than death

The gift
Keeps moving —
Never know
Where it’s going to land.
You must stand
Back and let it
Keep on changing hands

Hackles rise in anger
Heat waves rise in sex
The gift moves on regardless
Tying this world to the next
May you never tire of waiting
Never feel that life is cheap
May your life be filled with light
Except for when you’re trying to sleep

The gift
Keeps moving —
Never know
Where it’s going to land
You must stand
Back and let it
Keep on changing hands

The GiftBruce Cockburn

Congratulations to Jim for correctly identifying the tune “Ramblin’ Man” by Lemon Jelly as the tune where my last blog’s title came from. Your $10.00 is on the way. If you put together the first letters of the places he says he visited, starting with Brixton and finishing with San Jose, it reads BAGPUSS SEES ALL THINGS. According to Wiki, Bagpuss was a popular 1974 UK children’s television series. The title character is “an old, saggy cloth cat, baggy, and a bit loose at the seams”. The series is fondly and widely remembered, although only 13 episodes were ever made. More Bagpuss fun is located here and a YouTube video here. Riveting.

 Since I’ve added some new, not-so-web-savvy people recently, a couple of quick things about my blog. Clicking on any underlined link will take you to related information. Clicking on the song title of the opening lyrics will generally take you to either a YouTube version of the song or similar. Clicking on the Artist name of the opening lyrics will generally take you to the artist’s website or similar. Clicking on a picture will take you to a larger version of the picture. I don’t upload pictures larger than 640 X 480 since my Mom still has dialup 🙂 .

golden-ticket.jpgelevator-to-heaven.jpgMy friend Kimber came out to visit me the week of St. Patrick’s Day. We grabbed our Golden Tickets and headed out to explore the wild west. Our first stop was the Cabrini Shrine and elevator to heaven. The utter embarrassment of Kimber flouncing up the 373 stairs while I was huffing and puffing behind has driven me once and for all back to the gym. Imagine my distress as someone who lives up here where the air is thin having his ass kicked by someone living lakeside in Chicago. Anyway, we did eventually make it up through the snow and ice to the shrine. At the top is a giant statue of Jesus standing atop what I believe is the elevator to heaven. My theory is that when you pass on, you make your way to the elevator and the button to call the elevator appears. Once the elevator arrives you’re whisked off to Judgement City. The shrine itself, as described by the website, was “established by Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini for the purpose of spreading the gospel and providing a peaceful summer atmosphere for orphan children.” It’s got some great views of Denver and the surrounding areas.

kimber-cody.jpgFrom there we made our way to the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum and Grave. More beautiful mountain scenery ensued as well as a trip through the gift shop. Interestingly enough, Buffalo Bill had a very close relationship with the Chinese which continues to this day. Many, many of the gift shop items actually come from that far away, mysterious land 🙂 .

coors-tour-signs.jpgFrom there we went to the Coors brewery and got drunk. The brewery tour was fun and I found out that they not only brew Coors beers, but Killian’s Red, Blue Moon Belgian Ale and… wait for it… Zima! *Someone* must be drinkin’ that stuff for them to still be makin’ it. Yikes.

keystone.jpgWe made our way out to Keystone with Mitch, Laura and Laura’s friend Christy over the weekend as well. Kimber and I didn’t ski, but we did enjoy the scenery and a really crappy overpriced lunch while we were there. Unfortunately, we had a participant down before we left Keystone. Christy fell on the slopes and suffered a Medial Ligament tear. I don’t know what it is apart from being a painful knee thing. We did make it back and fortunately Christy was conscious the whole time in the clinic at Keystone since Mitch and Laura told them that Christy signed a DNR 🙂 .

midnight-martini.jpgWe don’t have any show club here in Denver that’s as exciting as Baton, but we do have Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret. Every Thursday is “Naughty Pierre’s Burlesque & Comedy Extravaganza!” which proved almost as much fun. As it happens, I also meet my future wife there, her name is Midnight Martini. Oh my she’s flexible 🙂 . She was also featured as Miss Colfax in August last year on the Colfax Avenue web page. Yeah baby!

mitch-karaoke.jpgFinally, Kimber, Mitch, Laura and I managed to make it out to Austin Karaoke 3 where we discovered that karaoke isn’t really Laura’s thing. Mitch on the other hand, is a natural talent. I think it’s all that time on stage that really brings it out in him. There were no “People Who Eat People” moments like when we had Annette along in Chicago, but still a good if somewhat pricey evening.

prairie-dog.jpghedwig.jpgAll in all it was quite the week. Pepper and I have once again made peace and settled back into our usual routine. A routine that now includes morning trips to the gym I might add. The prairie dogs ask frequently where the fun lady who feeds us cashews went, but I tell them she’s back home with her evil dog that would rip them apart without a second thought. That’s a picture of Heddy right before Kimber left to come out here. Is that not the most pathetic thing you’ve seen this week? Anyway, I hope you all had a happy Easter and a merry St. Patty’s day. It looks like Kraftwerk and Laurie Anderson are both supposed to play out here in April, so I guess I’ve got that tax refund spent already 🙂 . Enjoy the spring!

– G

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