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New Paradigm

May 26, 2008

Never read much, but she loved to quote
Love is a dead language

All she offered in her parting note
Love is a dead language

I close my eyes and it’s all I hear
It rings as hollow as a high school cheer
Who did you plagiarize this time, dear?

Love is a dead language

Outside is a twilight snow
Love is a dead language

Sounds romantic, but I doubt you’d know
Love is a dead language

One soft bullet and the rest is blurred
I claw the sky like a falling bird
You’ve done your duty
You’ve spread the word

Love is a dead language
Love is a dead language

Never felt anything she couldn’t touch
Love is a dead language

Never came close, ’cause she knew too much
Love is a dead language

So here’s to us all who were born too late
And here’s to the promise of a life alone
You’ve blessed us with such comfort in knowing

Love is a dead language
Love is a dead language

Chagall GuevaraLove Is A Dead Language

We’re functioning automatic. And we are dancing mechanic. Yeah, Kraftwerk was a lot of fun. As usual, the pictures look better as thumbnails then they do full sized. I’ve really got to get a phone that takes a decent picture. Mitch’s Razor takes a nice picture, but his has the same problem that mine has. It has a tiny little hole that serves as the ear piece. If you happen to move it a little one way or another you end up covering it up with a random part of your ear and then you can’t hear a damn thing.

And Joe Jackson on etown was awesome as ever. Although I can’t for the life of me find any reference to him on the etown website and the Contact Us link is a “404 Can’t Find”. Wankers. Oddly enough however, he does seem to be available on the World Cafe site. Joe had a trio with his long time bass player Graham Maby and long time drummer Dave Houghton. The interview part of the show was interesting since you rarely get a chance to hear a musician speak live unless you’re lucky enough to see a chatty one in concert. Joe has some interesting views on smoking that I don’t really agree with, but he did talk about society becoming more and more anti-pleasure which I whole heartedly agree with.

I made it back to Chicago the week following the etown taping for Samsung Digital Signage training and managed to fit in a few visits with friends as well. Never seems to be enough time, but I guess that’s the way of things. Kimber and Brian have kept the homestead in great shape and I’m lovin’ the new back yard with actual grass. Sadly, the “little big foots” were chased out of the yard since the ground cover that was their home is now gone.

And the kids are turning into young adults, good lord! Molly is now taller than her Mom and it seems aliens have abducted Griffin and replaced him with a giant replicant. It was nice to see everyone again, but I suspect I will never be forgiven for moving to Denver by certain individuals living under the McCormac roof 🙂 . I hope to get back there sometime this summer, so if I didn’t manage to get by for a visit, we’ll try again then 🙂 .

Okay, from the above picture, guess which car is owned by the politically progressive ListenUp employee. The days of cheap gas are gone forever, so make your changes as soon as you can. Mitch made the leap and picked up a smaller vehicle recently. Here he is illustrating the new paradigm:

We were out on a mission to get me a grill and some chairs for my deck last weekend and that was taken at the Home Depot. SUVs as far as the eye could see. Anyway, a grill along with two chairs don’t actually fit on my deck which is the size of a sheet of plywood, so I think I’m going to be moving the grill to the “patio” by the front door. Need to pick up a lock of some sort between now and then though. While we were out, we ran across a Volkswagon Rally of sorts. It’s great what you can stumble on when you’ve got no place in particular to be. Here are a couple of fun shots:

This Memorial Day weekend, I’ve been spending a lot of alone time trying to figure out my own new paradigm. Saturday I spent a solo “Bon-Bon Day” (ask Amy if you don’t know) watching TV and wondering what I should do with my weekend. I went hiking on Sunday and today it’s the blog. I must’ve hiked the Deer Creek Canyon Park for five or six hours yesterday. Managed to catch a couple of nice pics:

Into the abyss Oh Deer!
Giant Tiki Head View from the top

Actually, I’ve got a ton more, but you get the idea 🙂 . I said earlier that I’m trying to work out my own new paradigm. I’ve cancelled my subscription and it will expire in mid June. I managed to get a number of dates, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I haven’t a clue as to why I can’t seem to find someone to go out with on a regular basis. I had three dates with my last “Match” woman and *I* was under the impression that things were going alright. But after I left two voice mail messages and an e-mail since our last date, I haven’t heard from her. Anything else and I’m a stalker 🙂 . Y’know, even when I received a wink or an e-mail from a woman I wasn’t interested in, I at least sent an e-mail saying no thanks. Whatever.

So rather than planning a future with someone, I guess I’m looking after myself from here on out. It’s not really a situation I wanted to be in, but it is one I seem to be comfortable with. My last serious relationship was when I was at U of M. Very turbulent two years as I recall. I’d like to think I’ve learned something in the intervening 20(!) years and would love to prove that to myself and my significant other, but there ya go. You can live on fishes, but ya can’t live on wishes.

My plan at this point is to get myself out of debt and maybe start work in the democratic party out here. Beyond that, I haven’t really figured out what I’m going to do when I grow up. But I’m only now just closing in on 50, so I guess I’ve still got time 🙂 .

“Life is what happens to you
While you’re busy making other plans”

John Lenon – Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) from Double Fantasy

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