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Deep in the Heart of Texas

June 26, 2008

Who got the hooch
Who got the hooch
Who got the only sweetest thing in the world

The working day was long
And the road is grinding on
And your body’s winding down again
The tribal fire’s here
And the circle speaks so near
And the simple truth so very much clearer

Who got the hooch, baby
Who got the only sweetest thing in the world
Who got the love, who got the fresh-e-freshy
Who got the only sweetest thing in the world

The birds and bees will sing
The jams begin to ring
The good vibes flow from me to you
The evening turns to night
The fire and moonlight
The dance of all who came before

Who got the hooch, baby
Who got the only sweetest thing in the world
Who got the love, who got the fresh-e-freshy
Who got the only sweetest thing in the world

Let’s get real, let’s get heavy
Till the water breaks the levee
Let’s get loose, loose, who got the hooch


I’m probably going to write two blogs this time out. I’ve got to catch you up on what I’ve been up to lately, but I’ve also got an opinion or two about things going on politically and that’s a whole ‘nother post.

So I’ve just gotten back from a week in Texas. Damn it’s hot down there! We have a client who lives in the hill country, 60 miles or so west of Austin. Those are shots of his house and property. Lots of stories about the place, like how the chandelier in the Wine cave is from a brothel in New Orleans etc., but they’re too numerous to relay here. He was last of the “programming” jobs I had on my plate. I actually finished the Audio/Video part of the job last Thanksgiving, but delays in building the house put the install last week.

I flew down Thursday the 12th and was picked up by Dave, Brian, Jay and Matt who had already been down there for a week. I guess the fellas decided they needed to add a bit of interest to the trip and conspired to make the two hour trip from the airport to the ranch very uncomfortable for me. From the moment they picked me up they were sniping at each other and acting generally pissed off. We made a quick stop at a FedEx store to mail a package back to ListenUp and I said to Dave, “seems like everyone’s a little testy, like you’ve spent a little too much time together” To which Dave replied something like, “yeah, we’re just tired of each other.”

The bickering continued the entire trip out to the ranch. Veering between accusations that Brian was trying to be some kind of wanna be hip-hop gangsta to Dave being white bread and intolerant. Brian was accused of being a commie Jew since his heritage is Russian which was almost amusing, but then some anti-Semitic comments followed and needless to say, I was pretty uncomfortable at this point.

By the time we reached the last gate to the Client’s property, there was the whole, “Stop kicking my seat man!” “Why? What are you gonna do about it? Nothing, ’cause you’re a pussy” argument happening. Dave had reached the breaking point and jumped over the back seat and started smacking Brian. Matt, who was driving, slammed on the brakes and started playing the “dad” saying, “knock it off!” At that point, Dave and Brian got out of the truck and started shoving each other around and smacking each other. The fight continued around to the front of the truck until Brian pushed Dave over the hood of the truck and started fake humping him in the butt. At this point they both started cracking up.

They’re all laughing and asking if I believed what was going on because they were having trouble not laughing the entire time. Dicks. I was thinking, “man, this is going to be a long week” and they’re yankin’ my chain the whole time. I was still thinking it was real when Brian started humping Dave on the hood of the truck. I was thinking, “oh man, Dave is gonna kick his ass for that.” Wankers.

The rest of the week was comparatively trouble free. Everything came online and worked within a day. We were able to watch the Celtics and Lakers in High Def in the client’s theater, that was pretty awesome. The client also built a roadhouse/bar on his property back in 1997 and we made use of that during the week as well 🙂 .

Ken and Jill were able to able to make it out to visit me. Since I was staying at the ranch, which is in the middle of nowhere, there wasn’t much to do when they showed up but go to the small town nearby and eat dinner. Great to see them again though. When I thanked Ken for driving all the way out there to see me he said, “Hey, it’s closer than driving to Denver.” True dat.

 Since I’ve been back I’ve managed to finally pull wire to my living room and bedroom so I can put all my Audio/Video gear in the basement. I’ve got the plasma on the living room wall and my big ass, 300 lb tube TV waiting to be lugged up the stairs to the bedroom whenever Mitch decides he can come down mountain and help me move it 🙂 .

Last Sunday I travelled up to Mitch’s to celebrate my birthday with Mitch and Laura. A nice evening watching “When we left planet Earth” and chatting. Pretty low key and relaxing all in all. I played “Barcalounger” to Khan when I took his spot in the leather chair. Maybe that’s “Meowlounger.” He climbed up on me, stretched out, laid down and put his head under my chin. How cute is that?!?

Mitch, Laura and I also caught Mark Knopfler at Red Rocks Tuesday night. I haven’t been to Red Rocks to see a concert since I’ve been out here, it really is a nice place to see a concert. Mitch told us that when Shawn Colvin played there, she said, “Wow, this is really cool! How’d you do that?” 🙂 It rained on us a little bit before anything got started, but all in all it was a pretty great evening. We brought the band back for 2 encores and I got home around midnight. Needless to say I was draggin’ butt the next day 🙂 .

That’s about all I’ve got for this one. If you like my rants you can tune in to my next installment. Should be done sometime this weekend if I get a chance to write. If not, you can go ahead and skip it. I’ll be chatting about energy and politics. Until then, write when you can.

Love ya,

  – G

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