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Autumn Attic

October 3, 2008

I play out my role
Why I’ve even been out walking
They tell me that it helps
But I know when I’m beaten
All those lonely films
And all those lonely parties
But now the feeling is off-screen
An the tears for real not acted, anymore

I’m all mixed up inside
I want to run but I cant hide
And however much we try
We cant escape the truth and the fact is

Don’t matter what I do
It don’t matter what I do
Don’t matter what I do
Don’t matter what I do
Don’t matter what I do
cause I end up hurting you

One more covered sigh
And one more glance you know means goodbye
Cant you see that’s why
Were dashing ourselves against the rocks of a lifetime

(in my mind different voices call)
What once was pleasure now’s pain for us all
(in my heart only shadows fall)
I once stood proud now I feel so small
(I don’t know whether to laugh or cry)
The long hot summer just passed me by

Style CouncilLong Hot Sumer

Okay first off, I want to apologize for the YouTube link. If you just click on the link and then hide the browser window, you won’t have to see Paul Weller with his legs spread wearing shorts (shudder). Also, it streams better if you click on the “watch in high quality” selection. But trust me, hide the browser window 🙂 .

Sorry about not getting this out sooner since so much has gone on since I wrote what John called my “term paper” on energy. Since then I made a trip to Iowa over Labor Day and the Democratic Convention, CEDIA and autumn have all come to Denver. I’m heading off to New Jersey for Crestron training on Sunday, so I thought I’d make an attempt at getting something written this weekend. Mostly, I’m just going to post a bunch of pictures since I’ve taken so many since the last entry.

First off, the Democratic Convention. I was downtown the day before the “official” convention started and wandered around the Sustainable Living Roadshow booths outside the convention center. I put all the photos I took online at Webshots, but for a teaser here’s an overview shot. Note the huge Vestas wind turbine blade along the highway to the left.

Sustainable Living Roadshow Overview

Sustainable Living Roadshow Overview

For the most part, I avoided going downtown during the convention. Not that I didn’t want to head down there and have a beer with some of the delegates, but I’ve been busy at work and didn’t have time. When I started at ListenUp, including me, there were 3 engineers, 1 engineer/programmer and 1 programmer. Five people total. Currently there are 2 engineer/programmers. I’m one of them and after the first of the year I believe I’ll be reviewing my options 🙂 .

Yes we can

Yes we can

The one event I did make it to was a “Denver Dems Watch” event. It was a gathering in City Park near the Museum of Science and Nature, to watch the convention speeches on a big projection screen. We did manage to get a couple of VIPs, Ethel Kennedy (Bobby’s wife) and son Maxwell Taylor Kennedy were there. The speeches were on computer delay and took what seemed like forever to actually get started. When we finally got to the video segment showing Hillary’s back story before her speech, it started to rain. Yeah, just about par for the course.

Post Lola’s and tequilla

Post Lola’s and tequila


Beat me 🙂

After the DNC left town, CEDIA arrived along with all the BAVI boys. I also met my future wife there. I was walking the floor when I spotted her. I said, “Beat me” and she said, “Come over here!” Ahh, love in bloom 🙂 . In any case, I spent most of CEDIA in training classes. Most of the stuff either didn’t apply or I already knew, but the Kaleidescape training was useful. Whatever, I’m just a worker bee now (I keep telling myself).

I could ramble on about programming and other things, but I’d rather just plop in a batch of pictures from the wonderful fall leaves we have this year. I was on a job in Jefferson located in the area known as South Park here when I snapped these shots. It’s been cold at night and warm during the day which has resulted in lots of yellow and gold aspens. They’ll probably be gone next week sometime, but for a brief while it’s been beautiful here. Enjoy.

By the lake

By the Lake

Ramshackle Barn

Ramshackle Barn

In a Yellow Wood

In a Yellow Wood

Fence Run

Fence Run

Pretty Little Ponies

Pretty Little Ponies

Amber Waves of Grain

Amber Waves of Grain

Such a Pretty Song I See

Such a Pretty Song I See

Appalachian melody drifting softly down
Instruments of gold and red and brown
Do not need no dulcimer or banjo-fiddle sound
For right now I’ll watch these leaves come down

How peculiar liking old dead leaves against the sky
There is something more than meets the eye
Funny how I sit and watch these leaves come down from high
But these things are music to my eyes

Such a pretty song I see, have I been beguiled
This day is not imagination’s child
Every time the leaves come down I’ve just got to smile
For they sing a melody so mild

But these things are music to my eyes

Mark Heard – Appalachian Melody

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  1. October 29, 2008 8:07 pm

    Enjoyed the fall photos and lovely words!

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