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Now What?

January 9, 2009

It worries me this kind of thing
How you hope to live alone
And occupy your waking hours
We’re taking sides again
I just wept I couldn’t understand
Why you started this again

And everyday you send me more
It makes it worse is this a plan of yours
To ensure I don’t forget
I’d write and tell you that I’ve burnt them all
But you never send me your address and I’ve
I’ve kept them anyway

So don’t ask me if I think it’s true
That communications can bring hope
To those who have gone their separate ways
It hardly touched me when it should have then
But memories are uncertain friends
When recalled by messages

Coded messages
Poison letters


Nice Hair

Nice Hair

Check out the “New-Wave-White-Man’s-Overbite” dance moves at the end of that video! I *LUVED* this band. Might have been because I could actually have that haircut as opposed to any and all of the punk/new wave hairstyles that required straight hair. Ah, for the days when I actually had hair. 🙂

So we’ve all successfully navigated the holidays I trust. I was home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and spent a relaxing New Year here in Denver. TG was big family time with Mom and my Brother’s huge

Who are these people?

Who are these people?

extended family. Lots of Wii playing which I have pictures of, but won’t post because everyone looks silly playing Wii :-).

While I was home over TG, I filmed video of friends and family in anticipation of Mitch’s surprise birthday party we were planning for mid December. Manda, Laura and I planned it for two months and unbelievably we managed to keep it a secret. I made Mitch bring his PA to his own party since that was the ruse I used to lure him to the party location. We met up about 3 1/2 hours before the party and I had to figure out how the hell to fill up those hours. I got a nice pair of shoes out of the deal since that was one of the things I did to take up the time.



At the party we had pizza, snacks and an impromptu jam session since most of the people there were musicians. Since then I’ve been able to do one of those things I like to do when I have spare time; put together all the bits and pieces into a DVD. I’m no where close to being a professional, but damn I do nice work!

Thanksgiving and Mitch’s party was followed by Christmas which I also spent in Iowa. Apparently I went home to break things. It started with the best of intentions, but we all know how that generally works out. It wasn’t entirely my fault! I was a victim of circumstances warden, honest! When I first got home, Mom said that the garage was having troubles with the electricity and the lights and garage door weren’t working. I unlatched the garage door opener and manually raised it so Mom could drive around. This of course caused the cable attached to the spring to jump the roller and fray as well as break off all the teeth in the screw drive latch. I then broke the primer bulb on the snow thrower by simply pushing on it and destroyed her printer by clicking the “clean heads” button when it wouldn’t print in color. If I stayed any longer her house would’ve started to look like the “Money Pit” home. Of course the Monday after I left the electrician and garage door guy came and fixed everything and Jeff went to Staples with Mom and picked up a new printer. I did manage to fix the primer bulb on the snow thrower by myself without making any thing worse 🙂 .

Travel Food

Travel Food

Mitch and I listened to “The Hobbit” on the way to and from Iowa over Christmas. I always associate Tolkien with Christmas since I seem to read the books (or in this case listen to them) over the holidays. Kind of like a tradition I guess. With 22 hours of travel involved in the round trip, you generally have time to solve most of the world’s problems. I think we got through most of the world’s troubles, but Mitch told me towards the end of the trip that we’re going to have to disagree more if we’re ever going to let long trips trapped in a car being forced to enjoy each other’s company ruin our friendship.

At this point I’m mostly in a holding pattern waiting for things to happen. First and formost, I want our President Elect to finally get into office so our 8 year long national nightmare can finally end. I’m just imaging the mythical Uncle Sam hanging his head, toeing the dirt and saying, “Damn, that’s eight years I’ll never get back.” Next I need to have my annual review at work. My but don’t I have a lot to discuss this year. Finally, I’m applying to refinance my mortgage. We’ll see if all those billions we gave the banking industry will “trickle down” to a lowly home owner like myself. I would recommend that everyone go out and rent “Rosalie Goes Shopping” if you want to understand the bailouts. Best line of the movie, “When You’re $100,000 In Debt, It’s Your Problem. When You’re $1,000,000 In Debt… It’s The Bank’s.” Take hope people, the days are getting longer and a brand new year is upon us. Write when you can.

– G

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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