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Tiger Tiger burning bright

February 20, 2010

Down peppers the rain from a clear blue sky
Down trickles a tear on a youthful face
Feeling in haste and wondering why
Up struggles the sun from a wounded night
Out venture our hearts from their silent shrouds
Trying to ignite but wondering how

We can laugh and we can cry
And never see the strong hand of love hidden in the shadows
We can dance and we can sigh
And never see the strong hand of love hidden in the shadows

Young dreamers explode like popped balloons
Some kind of emotional rodeo
Learning too slow and acting too soon
Time marches away like a lost platoon
We gracefully age as we feel the weight
Of loving too late and leaving too soon

We can laugh and we can cry
And never see the strong hand of love hidden in the shadows
We can dance and we can sigh
And never see the strong hand of love hidden in the shadows

Mark HeardStrong Hand Of Love

Just a quick note on the song lyrics because my Mom asked about them last time I was home. I always open with lyrics that more often than not relate in some way to my post. I usually hear the song on my iPod and think, “that would make a great opening song for my blog.” The artist and song are listed at the bottom of the lyrics and clicking on the artist will take you to the nearest thing I can find to the artist’s website. Sometimes this is just a fan site if the artist hasn’t gotten around to making a website of their own. Clicking on the song name will take you to a version of the song. Sometimes this is YouTube and other times it’s something like LastFM has a player in the upper right of the page you’re taken to and you can listen to the song there. Last FM limits how many times you can listen though, so if you really like the song you’re either going to have to join LastFM or find the song elsewhere. And now that you have broadband Mom, you can click on the links and actually *hear* the “poetry” I open with. 🙂

I’ve been spending way too much time inside lately and not just because it’s been the dead of winter. It’s been so bad I keep hearing Mom in my head saying, “go play outside already!” Back in the Editel days, we had a couple of names for spending too much time on the computer, “Mac’in off” or “rasterbating”. That’s been me the past month or so cleaning up my iTunes music and editing video. More on the video later, but the iTunes has been a chore. I had music on three different computers and a bunch of obscure things so I’ve been clicking around (trying to avoid the pornados) looking for cover art and consolidating. For those who don’t know, a pornado is when you stumble upon a website that throws a bunch of popups at you when you land on their site. Closing one window opens another and another and so on and so on. Usually the windows are ads for porn sites and hence the name, “pornado”. You usually don’t run into them if you don’t stray too far off the mainstream of the ‘net, but as I said, I have a bunch of obscure stuff, so…. That’s my story anyway and I’m sticking to it.

Gregory Blake

In any case, I have several hour-or-more long “mixes” from DJs that I’ve snagged off the web and I was trying to find something to use for cover art for them when I came across the “ezoons” website. Gregory Blake was a DJ from the New England area and I had six of his mixes that I really like. I listen to them when I’m working out and when I drive home or any time I can spend an hour or so listening. He was 8 years younger than me and started out DJ’ing in the Rave scene as near as I can tell. I was sad to learn he passed away around 4 years ago from pulmonary fibrosis and even sadder when I started clicking around the ezoons website. I just kept thinking that if we’d ever met or spent any time in proximity to one another we probably would’ve been good friends. He liked anime, sushi, music, technology, Apple computers, Neil Gaiman… just so many things I’m interested in as well. I’ve gotta say I was pretty bummed that night thinking about a guy I’d never met or knew apart from his music.

While poking around, I also found a website that streams his mixes called “Snooze Radio“. I wrote to the e-dress I found on the site and expressed my feelings, listed the mixes I had and asked if there others available for download. Paul Meyerson, owner/host of the website was very generous and shared three mixes I didn’t have and I was pleased to share two mixes with him that he didn’t have. He also asked if I knew anyone who could design a proper web page for him since the Snooze Radio site is just text. So here’s my plea to all you blog readers out there in cyberspace. Is anyone savvy enough to put together a webpage for the Snooze Radio site? It wouldn’t need to be a terribly complex thing and it isn’t like you need to do an entire site, just a decent front page where Paul can write a little blurb about the site, Gregory and access the mac app he uses on the site called “nicecast” (a streamer based off shoutcast server). If you’d like to help, you can write Paul at the e-dress located on the Snooze Radio website (when writing, remove the “NOSPAM.” part of the e-dress). Even if you’re not a designer, click on the site and check out the music. Great for boppin’ around the house getting things done… like writing a blog post.


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve also been editing video. Mitch and his associated bands made an appearance at my Clubhouse on January 31st. They played to an empty house of roaring fans. Actually, we setup 10 mics, 5 cameras and filmed/recorded a set of 6 songs per band (there were two). Hopefully when we’re finished, each band will have a DVD they can hand out to club owners to demo their styles and songs.

The first band to play was Standard Deviations (pictured right). Those are the videos I’m working on first whenever I can spare the time. They do steel guitar jazz type stuff. You wouldn’t think it would work, but I really like the music they do. It isn’t twangy like country and it isn’t squishy like the slack key Hawaiian stuff. Just nice laid back tunes with a more complex chord structure than 1-4-5, tonic/dominant, wake me up when you’re done 🙂 . I’ll post tunes to YouTube when we get done.

Forward Into The Void!

The second band is Captain Quirk, more of a rock/blues band. This set was a little looser and rushed since it was beginning to get late and I didn’t want to go too far into the evening with the music on a Sunday. I live next to these people afterall 🙂 . Even so, I think we got some pretty good stuff and again, I’ll post the videos when we get them finished.

Another quick request as long as I’m thinking about it. Does anyone out there know of any good web design software? This is apart from the above request for a web designer. A guy I know (Mitch) want’s to try his hand at building a site on his own (freelance copywriter), so I thought I’d ask (hire him today). Let me know if you’ve got any ideas (or potential clients). Beyond that, I hope you’re all soldiering through the snow and winter. We’re past Fat Tuesday, so spring can’t be too far behind. Let me know what you’ve been up to if you get a chance.

– G

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  1. Amy Kretzer permalink
    May 8, 2010 8:29 am

    Gregory/snooze and I were friends online for many years. I’m trying to find his Spring mix so I can listen to it once again. Do you happen to have that mix? I would be in your debt! I still think about him quite a bit.

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