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Weekend Warrior

May 6, 2015

Hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me.

Hold me my daddy,
I never felt lower than dirt on the floor.
I say hold me my daddy,
I never felt like crying oceans before.

If this means war, why are we in it?
Might’ve fired off a couple of rounds, I didn’t mean to begin it.
If these are the bullets that every father and son must choose,
Well then hold me my daddy, I forgot to say I love you.

Hold me my daddy,
It hurts me to see grown men fighting this way.
I say hold me my daddy,
The young and the old dog aren’t having their day.

This civil war, why are we in it? (hold me)
There’s nobody on this flat earth, would ever want to win it.
If these are the hot coals that every father and son walks through,
Well then hold me my daddy, I forgot to say I love you.

And if you agree we can make amends.
All this squabbling I’ve hated.
In another time and another place where our history bends,
We could’ve been the best of friends and not merely related.

Well these are the right words to say,
They’re difficult but still true,
Well then hold me my daddy,
I forgot to say I love you.

(Hold him. Tight. Hold him like he was a baby.)

XTCHold Me My Daddy

Dad's Bench Grinder

Dad’s Bench Grinder

Sod Free

Sod Free

I’ve been working around the house lately.  Have you ever started a small project only to have it branch off into a whole bunch of other projects?  Dad had this old bench grinder that was in the garage at Mom’s house.  Last time I was home I took it back to my house and decided to install it in my garage.  In doing so, I added a switch to it

I Conduit!

I Conduit!

Lookin' Good!

Lookin’ Good!

so I could leave it plugged in.  But the cord was too short to reach the outlet so I needed to get an outlet strip for the back of my garage work bench.  After I ordered and installed that, I thought it would be nice to have music out in the garage while I’m working out there. That required that I trench between the house and the garage

My Seedy Neighborhood

My Seedy Neighborhood

Future Flowers?

Future Flowers?

and install some water tight conduit in order to run wires for speakers and control.  Well, once I’d torn up and fixed the lawn in the back yard, I felt I should also try to seed the bare spots in the shade by the house.  And while I was at it, I figured I should probably seed between my house and the neighbor’s since it was all weeds last year.

No Longer Out of Control

No Longer Out of Control

Crank It Up.

Crank It Up

Turns out I also had some leftover wild flower seeds from Colorado, so I thought I’d seed the bare spots between my chain link fence and the alley out back.  As long as I was at it, I decided to rake, fertilize, weed kill and over seed the front lawn as well. Which led me to finally get started on planting my garden.  After running between

Plants Grow Better With Music

Veggies Grow Better With Music

Audio Via a Yellow '79 GLC Sport

Audio Via a Yellow ’79 GLC Sport

the garage and the garden for tools with music playing, I felt that it might be nice to also have music at my basement work bench as well.  Which I managed to finish up today.  So yeah, been busy poking around the house lately.

My Dad was fairly handy around the house.  He managed to get things done in spite of me and my brother’s somewhat reluctant enthusiasim in helping out.  One summer we shingled our house, the neighbor’s house and my cousin’s house in Minneapolis.  I still have the hammer I bought for that.  One summer he and my Mom scraped, sanded and repainted our entire house.  He had a garden every year, kept up our yard, and managed to fix things around the house even though Jeff and I would sometimes forget to, “put the damn tools back where they belong!”

When I was 18 and engaged, my Dad bought a house in town that he was going to rent to me and my future wife.  He and I refurbished the kitchen stove, installed a new bathroom enclosure and toilet, reworked the electrical wiring and generally rehabbed the place.  As much as we butted heads over things, my engagement at 18 not being the least, he always seemed to be looking out for me.  I find it amazing how oblivious I was able to be to that back then.  I have friends who are going through struggles with their own children now and I’ve tried to share with them tales of how stupid I was when I was younger.  I then go on to tell them how I grew to appreciate everything my Dad did for me.  I realize it’s small consequence when your child is making questionable choices, but things do come around… eventually.  Mother’s Day has just passed and Father’s Day is coming up.  If you still have parents, call them up and tell them how much you appreciate all they’ve done for you.

That having been said, let me take a moment here to say a couple of things that have been bothering me lately.  I didn’t send out a notice of my last post because it’s hard sometimes to remain upbeat when so much stupid sh*t is going on in the world and I don’t want to just bitch in my posts.  But Colorado, WTF?  In 2009 a private donor funded a “Family Planning Initiative” to the tune of $23 million, which allowed 68 family clinics across the state to offer around 30,000 intrauterine devices and implants to young women at low or no cost.  Doing so caused the teen birth rate to drop by 40% between 2009 and 2013.  In 2010 alone, Colorado saved $42 million on health care costs associated with teen births according to the governor’s office.  Additionally, the abortion rate dropped by 35% between 2009 and 2013.  In spite of all this, the Colorado Republicans killed an effort to further fund this bill now that the private donor’s money is running out.  How can you do that and still claim to be anit-abortion?  So WTF Colorado?  I thought you were smarter than Texas.

And finally, if you’re taking video using your cell phone and you plan on putting on YouTube or supplying it as footage to some news organization, TURN YOUR DAMN PHONE SIDEWAYS SO THE ASPECT RATIO IS CORRECT!  Don’t make me stop this car….

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  1. Tom Miller permalink
    May 15, 2015 5:47 pm

    Yeah, every project I do seems to turn into a bunch of others, but I haven’t shown quite the ambition that you have.

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